BREAKING: Judge’s wife, son shot at in Gurugram; after incident attacker reaches police station and fires there too, flees

Breaking news
Breaking news

The Hush Post | 17:00 | 3-minute read  

An armed assailant opened fire on the wife and son of a judge Krishan Kant Sharma in Gurugram on Saturday. The woman and her son got critically injured in this incident. The attacker opened the fire on the duo at busy Sector 49 market in Gurugram in  broad daylight.

Later, it was found out that the accused is a gunman of the judge and part of the police force, as per reports.

After shooting, the gunman tried to pick up the injured son of the judge and park him into the car. He tries several times but fails to do so. The onlookers who witnessed the scenario did not come forward to help, fearing that they too might become victims of this gunman’s errant behaviour. When the gunman could not put the victim son of the judge into the car, he fled the spot.

As per sources, the assailant then reached the Sadar Police Station and opened fire there too. After opening fire at the police station, the assailant fled away, the report said.

Judge Krishan Kant Sharma is an Additional Sessions Judge. The wife and son of the judge were rushed to a hospital where their condition is critical. The cause of the incident has not been ascertained so far.

Further details are awaited.

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