Man hurls abuses, masturbates on woman in Huda City, Metro station

Masturbation inside Metro Station

The Hush Post| 12:05 pm| one-minute-read|

A 29-year-old interior designer woman alleged that a man flashed and masturbated on her when she was climbing down an escalator at the Huda City Centre Metro Station complex in Gurugram on Friday.

The Delhi-based victim said she had gone to visit a friend in Gurugram on June 14. The incident took place when she came out of a store on the first floor of the metro station. “After exiting the store, I was climbing down the escalator when I felt something was wrong on my back. I turned around and realised that a man had masturbated on me. I was shocked, scared and traumatised. I confronted him. He flashed at me and said indecent words; I slapped him,” the woman was quoted as saying.

The woman said that the man, who remains unidentified, started abusing her. No one came forward even when she shouted for help. “He flashed me again and then ran away,” she said.

The 29-year-old reached out to the Gurugram police via Facebook but did not get any response. She then complained to the DMRC officials, who called her to identify from the CCTV, the culprit. She later also shared the incident on Twitter, questioning the lack of security for women in Delhi Metro.

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