Teacher pastes cello-tape on lips of LKG kids for making noise in Gurugram

gurugram students with tape on mouth

The Hush Post|18:00 pm|one-minute-read

In a bizarre incident at a private school in Gurugram, a woman teacher purportedly put cello-tape on the lips of two LKG kids, one boy, and one girl. The woman teacher wanted to keep the kids quiet during a class. A video of the incident, that took place in October, appeared on social media on Friday which went viral.

In the 24-second video, the school teacher was seen putting cello-tape across the mouths of the two four-year-old kids. A former employee of the private school uploaded the video on social media. There was another woman teacher and other students in the classroom, who were watching the whole episode shocked.

On Saturday, school authorities said that the teacher had been suspended. The school principal Gururaj said, “On complaints from the student’s parents, we had taken strict action and suspended the teacher within two days of the incident.”

The parents of the kids had complained about the incident to the school authorities earlier. The accused woman teacher claimed that the students were disturbing the entire class and sometimes used filthy language. The school principal accepted that some kids were using filthy language.

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