Drunk brother rapes his sister in Farrukhnagar, Haryana


The Hush Post | 16:41 pm |one-minute-read

A 19-year-old man allegedly raped his younger sister after drinking alcohol on Diwali night. The incident took place at their home in Farrukhnagar, Haryana.

The boy, who was drinking with his father, suddenly went to his sister’s room and raped her. The girl narrated about the incident the morning after the crime to her father after the accused left for work.

Her father took the girl to a police station and filed a complaint against his son. Their father told the police that he is living in the house with his four children — three daughters and a son. His wife is mentally ill and has been missing for many years.

The medical examination of the girl confirmed rape. The accused was arrested on Thursday and produced before the court.

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