Haryana man declared an Atheist after a legal battle; official certificate issued

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A man in Haryana is now an atheist after a 2-year-long court battle. Ravi Kumar of Tohana in Haryana can now use the suffix ‘Atheist’ to his name. The office of the Tehsildar in Tohana of Fatehabad district has issued a certificate declaring him an atheist. He has been issued a “No Caste, No Religion, & No God Certificate”.

“It is certified that Mr. Ravi Kumar Atheist Son of Sh. Inder Lal Resident of Ward No. 11 Tohana Tehsil District Fatehabad belongs to no caste, no Religion, & No God,” reads the certificate. The certificate, issued on April 29, bears the signature of the Tehsiladar, Tohana. It also carries a serial number ‘1’.

Interestingly, Ravi Kumar had filed a civil suit in a Fatehabad court in 2017, seeking correction in his name. In January this year, the court allowed him to add Atheist to his surname.

Amit Kumar Saini, Ravi’s lawyer, informed that the Tehsildar’s office had initially expressed inability in issuing a certificate. He then approached the DC, who passed the directions to the Tehsildar.

The Tehisldar has issued the certificate on the basis of self-declaration.

Ravi Kumar says he doesn’t want to be identified with any caste or class, hence he fought the legal battle. Ravi’s father is a carpenter.

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