Haryana youth gang-sodomised in Haryana, ransom sought from family

The Hush Post| 12:22 am |two-minute-read
A video of a local youth being gang-sodomised, thrashed and humiliated in the tawdu block of Mewat in Haryana has rattled viwers as the video went viral.
The youth who was allegedly abducted from Mewli village while on way to a relative’s home was made bald. He was forced to do sit-ups. The accused sought a ransom of Rs 50,000 from his family. The family was only able to muster Rs 10,000.
“We gave them all the money we had but it was not entire ransom so
they snatched my purse, all that I had and have kept our ID proofs till
we pay ransom,” said the victim’s brother.
The accused made a video and posted it before letting him off. Claimed to have been threatened with life, the victim and his family did not approach the police
initially but later filed a complaint. “My son has not spoken a word since Friday and screams every minute,” the victim’s father said.
“One of the men is a local villager who had an enmity with us. He and his friends violated my brother and have threatened to kill him if we made an issue. They are powerful people,” said victim’selder brother.
According to the family, the youth was going to a relative’s home and did not get any transport. It was near Nuh village  that the accused gave him a lift in his car. They held him captive for the entire night and allegedly sodomised him. They shot this video and then shaved his head before calling his family for ransom.

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