Karnal boy on NASA tour goes ‘missing’ in the US, foul play suspected


The Hush Post: A Karnal boy who had gone on an educational tour to NASA along with his classmates, has gone ‘missing’ in the US.  Karan Kanwal, a Class XI student of Delhi Public School, Karnal, was a part of a 30-member group and had ‘mysteriously disappeared’ from a hotel New Jersey on the morning of July 22.

According to the school principal Meenu Arora, the school has been regularly organising such educational trips to the NASA for the last five years. She said, “The students had departed on July 19 and will return on July 30. This tour was arranged by the same agency, and to the same place, which had been providing services to us in the past. A first information report has been filed in accordance with the local law and since the boy is above 18 years of age, he only will have to face the legal proceedings there. The school or the travel agency are not responsible”.  Arora further said, “Karan’s sister also lives in the US, but she gave no response on being contacted. Then the travel agent contacted Karan’s parents in village Badaslu of Karnal, but they showed a casual approach despite such a big incident having taken place. Three of our school teachers even had gone to Badaslu to meet the parents, but nobody from the boy’s family turned up. All these developments indicate that it was all pre-planned.”

The school has reported the matter to the Indian Embassy there and the Ministry of External Affairs.

It is to be noted that some private schools in Karnal have been blacklisted by the US Embassy after some of the students, who had gone on to a similar tour to the US, never returned.

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