Mother, boyfriend kill 11-year-old daughter, stuff body in plastic bag & throw it in canal in Karnal

daughter killed by mother

The Hush Post | 12:31 | One-minute read

In a gruesome act by a mother, she and her paramour killed the woman’s eleven-year-old daughter. This happened in Haryana’s Karnal where the accused mother Laxmi Devi used to live with her daughter Sonam.

Sonam’s decomposed body was recovered on Tuesday from the bank of Western Yamuna Canal. Police said that earlier Sonam’s father had filed a complaint of her missing under Section 363 (kidnapping) and 366 A (abducting or including woman to compel her marriage) of the IPC) on January 20.

Police said that they had already suspected the family members behind the murder. After persistent queries, Laxmi admitted to having committed the crime along with her boyfriend Amit Kumar. Both the murder accused are residents of Sadar Baazar. A few months back Laxmi got into a relationship with him.

She revealed to the police that fearing that Sonam may tell her husband and grandparents about the affair, she killed the girl and packed the body in a plastic bag. After that, they dumped the body near the canal.


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