Petrol, diesel prices hit roof; check prices in Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Amritsar, Bathinda

Fuel prices
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The Hush Post: As the prices of petrol and diesel are continuously rising for the last one week, these prices have now hit an all-time high. The hiked fuel prices are giving tough times to the people and burning a hole in their pockets.


Following are the new prices in different cities of Punjab and Haryana:-

                      Petrol             Diesel

Ludhiana      82.16               68.17

Amritsar        81.94               68.17

Jalandhar      81.78               67.73

Bathinda       81.61               67.57

Patiala            81.60               67.56



In different cities of Haryana following are the new prices of fuel:-

                         Petrol             Diesel

Yamunanagar  76.94            68.57

Sirsa               77.68              69.23

Gurugram     77.02               68.84

Karnal            76.91               68.53

Panipat          76.55               68.83


(Prices in rupees)

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