Sex selection with a difference: Cows in Haryana to give birth only to female calves

The Hush Post|08:13pm|1-min-read

If all goes as per plan for the Manohar Lal Khattar government in Haryana, all cows in the state will give birth only to female calves. The State Animal Husbandry Department has prepared a project worth Rs 50 crore for artificial insemination using sexed semen. The step will go a long way in ensuring that there is a boom in milk production as well as a huge relief from stray cattle, especially bulls.

Sexed semen mainly contain sperms which only bear the X-chromosome. The cows inseminated with such semen will, then, produce only female calves. Under the project the department intends to procure and even prepare sexed semen on its own.

Sunil Gulati, ACS, Animal Husbandry Department said, “Around 90 per cent calves born will be females. If only female calves are born, the dairy farmers will not abandon them and in turn it will lead to reduction of stray cattle”.

Gulati further said, “We have prepared the tender. We will buy 2 lakh sexed semen and will produce 2 lakh on our own. We will also issue a birth certificate to the dairy farmer so that he knows its (female calve’s) qualities.”

As of now the department will get one unit of sexed semen for around Rs. 1100. However, it is yet to be decided at which rate it would be provided to the dairy farmers.

The department also plans to use In-vitro Fertilization (IVF) technique to come up with high quality and productive milch cattle. “We will use the semen of the best quality bulls and eggs of superior quality cows, so that the female calves born from it are highly productive.”

The government plans to bring in a Bovine Breeding Act to ensure that dairy farmers are not cheated by fake semen providers.

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