Woman beats child to death after he urinates in his pants

The Hush Post | 10:00 pm | One-minute read |

In a shocking incident, a woman beat her son to death after her son urinated in his pants. The incident has been reported from Yamunanagar in Haryana. The police has taken the woman into custody.

According to reports, the 13-year-old boy had mistakenly urinated in his pants. Upon noticing, the mother beat him badly using a stick. The boy died soon after.

The police had received secret information regarding the child’s death. In order to prevent decomposition, the family members had covered the body of the child in ice. However, before they could conduct the final rites, the police took the body into custody.

The police said that beating marks have been found on the victim’s body. The body has been sent for post mortem and the report is awaited.

Meanwhile, the police say that the woman is mentally unstable.

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