Youth gets BMW as gift from parents, he pushes it into river; says, he wanted a Jaguar |WATCH VIDEO


The Hush Post| 11:51 am|one-minute-read|

Ever heard of a car being pushed into the river just because one didn’t like it? Parents of a youth in Yamunanagar, Haryana gifted him a BMW car. He straightaway drove it to the river and then pushed it into the water. Reason: He wanted a Jaguar and not a BMW.

“When the youth was plunging the high-end BMW car into the river, he also made a video and put it on social media,” a police official reportedly said.

The car later got stuck in the middle of the river owing to a patch of long grass blades. Later, probably realising his fault the youth was seen trying to get the car out of the river with the help of local divers.

Meanwhile, the police have registered a case.

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