30 per cent rise in patients with `dengue-like fever’

The Hush Post: With the rapid increase in temperature, doctors in Delhi and surrounding areas are getting patients with ‘dengue-like fever’.

This year has seen a 30 per cent increase in such cases.

Terming this a ‘wake-up’ call, doctors are advising people to be extra cautious due to the early onset of the summers.

The symptoms are varied. Patients are coming in with respiratory illnesses, allergies, pneumonia, tuberculosis, gastrointestinal disease and even jaundice.

Doctors are seeing a change in the pattern of illnesses this year due to early onset of harsh summers. They are hence asking people to be extra cautious this year.

On Friday Delhi saw a temperature of 36 degree Celsius. While the season for water-borne illnesses starts only by July, this year doctors apprehend that the same may come in earlier. With the sun beating down very harshly, this can cause cramps, heat exhaustion and heat stroke. A patient with heat cramps complains of muscle cramps on the calves and thighs.


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