How to get rid of migraine naturally by eating almonds

how to get rid of migraine

People suffering from migraines have lower levels of magnesium, and almonds are a storehouse of minerals 

The Hush Post: Headaches are literally ‘headaches’. When you suffer one, you just look for that one instant remedy. If it is migraine, one is clueless about the cause and effect.

Over-the-counter medications don’t always help, give a try to one of the home remedies to lessen migraine issues. Almonds help you get relief from the annoying migraine-related headache.Almonds can help reduce migraine

Almonds are known to contain an anti-inflammatory agent. They also contain an ingredient used in aspirin.

Most importantly, almonds contain magnesium. Doctors say that people suffering from migraines have lower levels of magnesium than those who do not have migraines. So, this is where almonds help.

Consuming sufficient amount of magnesium through almonds can help treat migraine or can be a preventive measure. A study was conducted at the University Of Maryland Medical Center, US, to check the effectiveness of magnesium in preventing migraines.

The results concluded that migraine attacks reduced by 41.6 per cent in people who took recommended daily intake of the nutrient. Eat 10-12 almonds daily for effective results. This mineral helps muscles to relax and reduces nerve excitability. It also provides relief from headaches caused by stress or tension.

Also, almonds contain high content of vitamin B2 which helps reduce migraine frequency.

Although medical postulates are debatable, people affected with migraines must monitor how eating almonds affects their headache and report it to their doctor.


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