Take good care of babies in summer following these simple steps …

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As summer is in its full glory, it is very important to protect our delicate skin from the blazing sun. Adults can very efficiently take care of themselves, but not infants who are totally dependent on elders. Therefore, to protect them from the harsh heat, here are some easy simple steps you can take to keep your baby comfortable.


Initially when a baby is growing, its immunity is also developing. At this stage, many diseases are transferred via water itself.

One should only use boiled water for babies as it kills all harmful bacteria that might affect an infant’s health.

Make sure the seal is intact in case you use mineral water.

Summer Rashes

In summer, rashes are very common and these are of course very itchy and uncomfortable. Make sure you cover your infant with loose cotton clothes.

Use diapers only when needed, wearing a diaper the whole day might lead to rashes on their private areas.

Air conditioner doesn’t do any harm, so a normal 25-degree temperature is good for babies


Be very aware of what diet you give to your baby, as it directly affects their health.

If your baby is still breastfeeding, then make sure you feed them often. The infants need to be hydrated at this stage.

If you go outdoors then carry foods such as fruits and cookies. Cooked food might get spoil due to excessive heat.


Baby skin is very delicate so one needs to be very careful about what they wear.

Baby clothes should be pure cotton and lose fit.

They tend to vomit and wet their clothes, so change their clothes often.



UV rays are very harmful to skin; it is required for the babies so as to protect them from harmful rays.

A mild sunscreen is okay for them, but only use it after consulting a doctor.


To keep them infection free one must keep babies clean. Their clothes and all the things used for them should be kept clean.

Use lukewarm water to bath a baby and a very mild cleanser.

Following are some other handy points to keep in mind:-

Keep a track of room temperature where a baby is sleeping

Give your baby homemade juices and drinks

Avoid going outdoors in hot weather

Beware of mosquitoes and bugs during summers. Do not let them buzz near infants.

Massage is great for babies especially before bath but be gentle while doing it.


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