Hope in despair: Doctors save 22-yr-old engineer whose heart stopped for one hour

The Hush Post: When nothing else works, miracles happen. Sometimes, doctors are the means of these miracles. A 22-year-old engineer from Aligarh, Aasif Khan, suffered a massive cardiac arrest and his heart did not beat for nearly an hour. 12 days ago, Khan suffered a cardiac arrest while doctors at the Apollo Hospital, New Delhi, were examining him for acute chest pain. As soon as he collapsed, trauma specialists kept the blood supply running by administering continuous cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and shock to the heart using a defibrillator. His heart revived after more than an hour. But as Aasif was being wheeled into the cath lab for an angiogram to locate the blood vessel clot that had caused the condition, he suffered another cardiac arrest. Doctors had no choice but to conduct the angiogram, remove the clot and place a stent in the vessel while administering CPR. Permission to conduct the operation was taken from the family over the phone. His father sells tea back home in Aligarh. But there was many a slip between the lip and the cup, as doctors faced one medical challenge one after the other, before he finally showed sign of life. It was a nerve wracking experience for the doctors too who wanted the young boy to stand up on his feet again. After his heart was resuscitated, he slipped into coma. He was put on ventilator support, but he still continued in coma for the next two days. In the meanwhile, the doctors kept administering medicines to him to improve blood supply but there was no recovery in brain function. “We thought he was brain dead. We were planning tests to confirm it, when suddenly he opened his eyes. “He was a young boy, we did not want to lose him at any cost,” said Dr N N Khanna, senior consultant, Apollo Hospital. Aaasif’s father can’t thank the doctors enough and as a goodwill gesture, the hospital did not charge him anything for his son’s treatment.

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