Early to bed early to rise: Why do early risers have an edge over night owls?

The Hush Post: We have always heard it from our elders and seen them following the ritual too of getting up early. Is it wise to ignore their advice? Getting early means anytime between 5 am to 6 am, or before that. That is up to you, what we can say is based on medical science, and experience.

It is a routine ‘ritual’ which once developed will stay with you all your lives. If you are a night owl and you are comfortable with it or if it is a professional hazard, stick to your usual routine.

The body clock adjusts to your time of sleeping and waking, initially you might not be able to do it everyday, don’t give up. Even if you miss it one of those days, restart the next morning. It will not take you more than a week to get used to the changed morning schedule.

Infact, just do it. As soon as your alarm rings, just walk out of the bed, switch on the light, open the doors for fresh air, drink water, go to the washroom… by this time, your body is already awake. Resist the urge to snuggle into bed again.

Do important things that you need to do, don’t start gaming on the mobile.

The quietude of the morning, birds chirping, the sunrise, repetition will encourage you to do it again.

Most importantly, your work is half done when the others are still thinking of getting out of the bed. You get your ‘me’ time which women are very particular about as they jostle between their work schedules, housewives and working women alike.

There’s no rush-rush. You quickly and comfortably slip into your next to-do thing in your schedule without anxiety or tempers running high, and you get the extra time for anything that needs a little more attention.

A Texas University study has found that students who consistently woke up early each day actually scored better test scores and overall grade points, in comparison to those who slept in all the time while they were studying.

You don’t need to skip breakfast which habitually comes to late risers. The body has been on a “fast” all night (6 to 8 hours) and you need to “break the fast” with some healthy food. If you skip your morning meal, you feel hungry,  gorge later on anything that comes your way. Missing breakfast is not a habit you would like to pass on to your kids, right?

Lesser the distractions, more the focus – lesser traffic, less noise, less anxiety,

Early risers are also better at making decisions, planning and setting goals, though night owls are known for their creativity, they are more likely to succumb to depression and other psychological problems. Everybody is aware of the working schedule of comedian Kapil Sharma who used to shoot for episodes of ‘ The Kapil Sharma show’ only at night. Now, he is struggling with many lifestyles issues including depression.

Exercise and waking up early are a great way to combat lethargy.

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