First skull implant in India done on a 4-year-old girl in Pune

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The doctors at a Pune hospital have successfully conducted India’s first skull implant on a 4-year-old girl.

According to medical experts, it is a big breakthrough in the medical history of the country. The doctors successfully performed a skull implant on 4-year-old girl using a customised three-dimensional individualised polyethelene bone. A US-based company has developed it.

TOI reported that this is for the first time that doctors performed a skull implant surgery in India. The girl had sustained severe head injuries in a near-fatal road accident near Shirwal in Maharashtra on 31 May 2017. The doctors discharged her after two critical surgeries.

But, the girl was re-admitted to the hospital this year to undergo a skull-bone removal surgery. This is vital as the usual reimplantation wasn’t possible due to girl’s tender age. And the brittle nature of her cranial bone. On May 18, doctors successfully replaced three-fifth of her damaged skull (about 60 per cent) using the technology.

“After the skull-bone removal surgery, the girl responded well to the treatment and recovered gradually. She was discharged after two months of hospitalisation,” TOI quoted Neurosurgeon Vishal Rokade as saying.

First time in India, doctors at a Pune hospital have successfully performed a skull implant using a customised three-dimensional individualised polyethelene bone

He went ahead with the challenging operation after extensive research and consultation with surgeons from around the world. There was a need for a customised cranial implant (CCI) for the surgery. The doctors use to reconstruct cranial cavities or deformities in cases like the present one.

The impact of the accident was so severe that when her family brought her to the hospital, she was unconscious.

The girl’s mother told TOI that she has become a happy and chirpy child, just like she was before the accident, and is already attending school, enjoying playing with friends. The family lives in Kothrud, Maharashtra.

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