Four golden rules of happiness


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In the world where we competing with everyone all the time, we want success like it’s the only thing in the world. And we all are eventually so good in everything we do. But we are still losing it somewhere and what it is?

Well, yes answer to this is really surprising but true which is being happy. To be happy is the toughest thing in today’s age. There should be definitely some golden secrets to be happy and yes! There are.

Happiness should be definitely unconditional and should be omnipresent.  There are some golden rules which can help us to do the same:-

  1. Trash the word Expectation

It’s very simple if you want to be happy then just trash what you call an expectation. As when something happens unexpectedly that is a total bliss but if you expect something in your own way that is definitely not going to give you the happiness, it would have given you otherwise.

Anyways we ourselves are not able to match what we expect from us, so there is no point of expecting anything from others.

  1. Third Person Rules 

Not only in English grammar but third person rules applies in life as well. Sometimes you need to look at the scenario from the third person point of view to understand the situation well. Detach yourself from the situation and then come to the conclusions.

  1. Thanksgiving

It is very important that instead of cribbing over what is not there, we should always be thankful for what is there in our hands. Feel gratitude to God for whatever you have.

  1. At the end – It’s you

Yes a bitter truth, but actually the truth is that at the end it’s all about you. So be very much self-dependent. Don’t depend on another person for your wants or your happiness. Take charge of your decision, your responsibilities and especially you. It does not in any way mean to be detached from the people but don’t bother them too.

So carry a broad smile with these golden rules of happiness.

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