Masturbation for women? It’s healthy

masturbation for women

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Can you be your own love partner, especially, if you are a woman? Well, yes. Lack of sex, poor sexual relations and lack of self-esteem are some of the major reasons of health problems among women. Lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho in one of his facebook posts said that masturbation for women is important. In his post, Luke tells the importance of masturbation among women and its many benefits.

Luke writes that women are either shy or ashamed of talking about sex, experiences of their sexual intercourse and their sexual dysfunction. There are thousands of women who simply go on living with their sexual problems and never talk about them or deal with them medically or otherwise.

Masturbation for women?

According to Coutinho, masturbation is a natural, normal and happy experience. He emphasizes on the fact that sex and pleasure is natural to everyone, including women. Yes, every women has the right to pleasure.

* Masturbation is a great way to relieve sexual tension.masturbation

* While sexual intercourse and lovemaking is a beautiful and fulfilling experience, the ones who cannot get enough of it can achieve by masturbating.

* Masturbation can help women achieve orgasm, which has magical effects on the body. Orgasm releases dopamine, endorphins and oxytocin in the body. All these hormones can help in boosting mood and give a natural high in the body.

* Also, masturbation can help in preventing depression in people who lack sex and pleasure in their life.

* Masturbation can also help women with sleep issues. Oxytocin helps relaxing the mind and body, and help in getting deep sleep at night.

* Masturbation can also be helpful for women who experience difficulties during their period and menstrual cycle. Stimulating yourself to an orgasm results in uterine contraction, which helps in improving menstrual blood flow, while also reducing cramps and menstrual pain.

* Another health benefit of masturbation is that it helps in keeping pelvic muscles strong because of muscle contractions which happen during an orgasm.

During arousal, a person experiences an increase in pulse rate. The skin looks more flushed and genitals swell with increased blood flow. During an orgasm, muscles in vagina, uterus and anus involuntarily contract and relax.

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