The Hush Post: On Saturday, an FIR was registered against Max Super Speciality Hospital by the family, whose one of the new born twins was declared dead. One of them was found to be alive later. The parents of the baby have made fresh allegations of demand of Rs 50 lakh by the hospital authorities to keep the surviving baby alive and out of danger.Even as Delhi Police started investigations against the hospital for declaring two new-born babies dead, the father of the two new borns Ashish said that the hospital demanded Rs 50 lakh.

Ashish’s pregnant wife, Varsha, was carrying twin pregnancies and had only 10-15 per cent chances of survival according to the hospital. The hospital advised three injections costing Rs 35,000 and claimed later that the probability of survival had risen to 30 per cent. Later, he was told that to have the alive baby surviving Rs 50 lakh were required.
In the FIR he has alleged, “Max hospital made a mistake in not carrying out proper treatment of my babies, declaring them dead while (one was) alive and packing them in a parcel.”
On the basis of the father’s complaint, an FIR under Section 308 of the Indian Penal Code for culpable homicide not amounting to murder was registered. The opinion of experts on whether the three injections were required is being sought.

Ashish was handed over two parcels which had the newborns. On way to the burial site, there was a movement in one of the parcels after which he went to another hospital.

The Police has confirmed that copies of the treatment documents were seized from Max Hospital and Aggarwal Hospital where the surviving baby is undergoing treatment. The cops have also obtained a copy of the death register of Max Hospital which reads: “Two foetuses of Ms Varsha were handed over to attendant family called Praveen.”

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