Glass of milk on empty stomach? If kids complain, think again


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All mothers have a simple recipe for their school-going kids in the morning. A glass of milk. Are you sure it’s the best food for all the fussy eaters or over-worked mothers who thought that milk was the best alternate complete food?

What the medical fraternity, including allopathic and ayurvedic doctors say is milk should not ideally be had by everyone on an empty stomach. It depends on what body composition you have.

Small kids generally don’t realise that if they have a glass of milk without anything to supplement it like almonds, banana, or bread toast, it leaves an uneasy feeling in the stomach. Some kids complain of having the feeling of going to the washroom immediately after they drink milk. Even if one doesn’t go to the washroom, the uneasiness subsides after a while.

Mothers consider it an excuse, but it isn’t. Different body types react differently to milk. If a glass of milk early in the morning gives a loose motion-kind of a feeling in the stomach, its because of the milk.

Bring a little change. Give some healthy food, like almonds, egg, bread toast, poha or anything that you give for breakfast before the child drinks milk. If having a certain ingredient on an empty stomach revs up your energy or leaves you with a irritable feeling, indicates a change in your food.

Ayurveda says if you are air dominated (vata) or water-dominated (kapha), do not have milk on an empty stomach. Those prone to cough and flu should not have it the first thing in morning.

People with hyper acidic tendency can have cold milk. Calcium when mixed with acid turns into salt and relieves acute acidity. A person with food allergies must be careful.

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