Woman operated under torchlight dies

The Hush Post: The woman in Bihar who was operated under torch light died last night. Family members of the woman blamed the administration for her death claiming that there was gross negligence in treating her.

“We weren’t satisfied with her treatment. So we admitted her to a private hospital. They kept saying she was fine and made us wait for two days. Suddenly they asked us to take her to Patna. Doctors in Patna said she has broken bones and internal injuries. No case (has been) registered yet,” said Omkar, a relative of the deceased.

A few days ago, a video of a woman who was being operated upon under torchlight in Sadar Hospital in Bihar’s Saharsa area had gone viral. This shocking incident was reported from a Bihar Hospital where a doctor was forced to operate on a female patient in torchlight due to acute power shortage.

The episode is being reported from Sadar Hospital in Saharasa, Bihar. In the video an unconscious woman is seen lying on a stretcher. A doctor is seen sewing her right hand. Due to power shortage, the operation was carried out using light from mobile phone’s torch.

As per reports the patient needed immediate medical attention and the doctors had no other option but to go ahead with the surgery despite a power cut in the hospital.

With the video becoming viral, the state government has sought a detailed report from the hospital. The Bihar Health Minister Mangal Pandey states: “The patient was injured and given stitches in the dressing room, no operation was conducted. I have asked the civil surgeon for a detailed report. Incidents like these shouldn’t happen.”

Ironically the hospital had no working generators to provide power back-up. The doctors had to use mobile phone’s torchlight and operate on the woman’s hand.

This is not the first time that such incidents have been reported. In April 2016, another video from Mau district in Uttar Pradesh had gone viral which showed a doctor operating on a child under mobile torchlight.

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