Height of insensitivity: 2-day-old girl child flushed down in toilet

Infant’s body was found by plumbers who tried to pull it out from the sewer, but it got stuck in the duct due to the placenta that was still attached to the dead child

The Hush Post: In an incident that shows the height of insensitivity, a two-day-old girl child was flushed out in Kerala. The body was recovered from the toilet when the head of dead infant popped up as plumbers were trying to unclog the toilet, International Business Times reported on Monday.

What makes this incident more shocking is that the house from where the body was found is of one Abdul Rahman, a doctor by profession. The incident occurred on April 13. Dr Rahman and his wife run a clinic at their house. They had reportedly called the plumbers to clear their blocked toilet as their servant complained of muddy water in toilet.

While working, the plumbers noticed something resembling a ball. But it turned out to be the head of the girl, India Today reported. When the plumbers tried to pull out infant’s body, it got stuck in the duct as the placenta was still attached to the newborn, it was reported.

Earlier the police suspected that the parents may have brought the child to the clinic for getting her medically examined and flushed her in the toilet. But now it is suspected that the mother could have given birth to the baby in toilet.

The police have lodged an FIR against the parents of the dead infant on Dr Rahman’s complaint. The parents of infant are stated to be absconding. The police are scanning the records of the all patients of Dr Rahman, the report said.

“There wasn’t much of a foul smell emanating from the toilet. The body hadn’t decomposed when we recovered it. But the baby’s placenta was intact and there was blood inside the commode. Seeing the colour of the blood, the domestic worker mistook it for muddy water. The house is located in a large plot and there are many houses nearby. The doctor’s house is situated around 100 meters away from the road. We are investigating all possibilities,” the police quoted as saying.

The police have sent infant’s body to the Thrissur Medical College for post-mortem.


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