High on cannabis (bhaang), man dials 100, says, “take me home”

The Hush Post | 15:05 | One-minute read

It’s a strange one. A man high on cannabis in Amroha district of Uttar Pradesh dialed 100 (the emergency service) seeking a lift back home. He had been abandoned by a friend and had no money on him.

The 24-year-old youth told the cops that he had no money and therefore he could not find transportation to reach home in the neighboring Sambhal district. The cops found the man incoherent and asked him if he had taken any kind of intoxication. The man denied it.

The officials recorded a video of their conversation with the man which was later on shared widely on social media.

In the video, the youth can be seen arguing with the police officials, asking them why they cannot drop him at Gunnaur, his home in Sambhal district. The Youth argued that since the Dial 100 vehicle was a government vehicle like a UPSRTC Bus, it was his right to be dropped back home.

According to the police the young man had come to Ujhani area of Amroha district along with a friend to visit a relative. Later his friend went back and left him behind with no money.

The police said, “He was under the influence of cannabis. However, he strongly believed that cannabis is not a narcotic substance. Later our constable dropped him at a bus stop and gave him money to buy bus ticket to reach home.”


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