Hilarious | Giriraj Singh says,”Those who skips PM rally are traitors” | Then himself bunks rally

The Hush Post | 7:15 pm | One-minute read

Union Minister Giriraj Singh has made himself a subject of opposition’s barb as he failed to show up at PM Narendra Modi’s rally in Bihar on March 3. Earlier, he commented that those who won’t attend PM’s rally would make it clear “Who supported Pakistan?” But in the end, he himself bunked the rally and didn’t come up.

“It was Giriraj Singh himself who said that absentees of the rally would be considered anti-national. Therefore, he is himself a traitor. For where is he applying VISA,” Bihar lawmaker Pappu Yadav tweeted.

A senior leader of Lalu Yadav’s party said that Giriraj is anti-national by his own logic. As PTI states, he quoted, “Giriraj Singh has proven that, by his own logic, he is anti-national.”

However, national spokesperson of Rashtriya Lok Samta Party, Fazal Imam Malik, demanded a public apology from Giriraj. He said, “He should now tell us who must be sent to Pakistan.”

On the other jand, BJP defended their minister saying that the opposition has twisted his comment.

After the horrible Pulwama terror attack, it was Giriraj Singh who demanded that “sporting, cultural and economic” ties with Pakistan must be stopped.

“There should be no cricket with Pakistan. We should not engage in any sporting event with the country till it continues to aid terror. Let’s have no sporting, cultural and economic links with Pakistan,” said Giriraj Singh in his Lok Sabha constituency of Nawada.

In the Bihar rally, PM Modi accused Congress of providing to Pakistan. Contending that the Congress stance would only please Pakistan, Modi said, “They asked for the evidence of the surgical strike. Now they ask for the evidence of strikes by IAF.”


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