Temples of Mandi: Ganpati Mandir

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[email protected]Lord Ganpati is the Indian god, who is considered to be offered the first invitation and the first one from whom we seek blessings in any religious pooja. This temple, located in Himachal Pradesh, is dedicated to lord Ganesha and has historic importance because of being established by Raja Siddhi Sen, who was the ruler of Mandi district at that time. The huge orange coloured Ganpati murti made of stone is probably one of the biggest in Asia.

The temple has the name of the king associated with it and so it is also called as Ganpati Siddhi Temple. Each year, Ganesh chaturthi plays an important role for recollections and celebration of lord Ganesha. Many people in the town visit the temple every Wednesday.

A special fair is held on auspicious chaturthi. The devotees hold special
prayers dedicated to lord Ganesha for ten days of chaturthi. Immersion of the pious idol is done on the last day in the Beas river, on whose banks the town is situated. The local
people believe that after the immersion is done, lord has peacefully gone back to
his home.

To locate the temple: – The location of this Ganpati Mandir is at NH- 70, near the government civil hospital hospital, Mandi . To find the place within Mandi, is not at all difficult because of the popularity that
it holds among local people, anybody could direct the tourists towards the


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