The Temples of Mandi: Mahamrityunjaya Temple

[email protected]The word Mahamrityunjaya states the person who can defeat death. It is believed that worship of lord Shiva makes a person able to do that. That is the reason this temple has been named so, to worship lord Shiva. This temple of Mandi is one of the oldest temples of lord Shiva in Himachal Pradesh.

Idol of Shiva is worshipped in one of the rarest – the three eyed form at this temple. Lord is made to sit in the lotus posture with the meditating position of his arms. The belief of worshipping Mahamrityunjaya form of lord Shiva vanishes all kind of physical pain, illness, and to live a long healthy life, is what directs people to visit the temple.

Location- To visit the temple, move towards the center of the district Mandi via
road, or move 55 km from Joginder nagar railway station towards the town. The
famous temple is easy to find within the town. For those who wish to visit through
airplane, the closest airport would be kullu bhuntar airport at a distance of 57 km
from the temple.

This temple holds a strong belief of many people, and they come from varied
regions to offer the prayers for saving lives of their close ones, or with hopes to get
rid of all disease that they have, and this belief comes true a lot of times.


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