Temples of Mandi: Shitala Mata Mandir

[email protected]Mandi, a small town in Himachal Pradesh, is known for a large number of temples. The presence of a large number of temples within the confines of this quaint town considerably add to the spirituality and religious atmosphere of this town. The place houses several old temples, each with an interesting story to reveal, and a unique reason that bounds people to each of them.

While the town has numerous temples dotted all across its landscape, Mandi district as such is famous for being home to temples so famous that they attract visitors from all parts of the country.

Shitala Mata temple is one such temple of Mandi District that attracts devotees for the worship of goddess Durga. This holy place offers prosperity, peace, and blessings for the success of people who visit it. Surrounded by the calmness of hills that Himachal is famous for, the temple is among some lesser known places for outside tourists and visitors.

Shitala Mata temple is located at Sunder-nagar in Mandi district within the beautiful hills and greenery of Himachal Pradesh, India. The white painted temple is built with pleasing architecture, and consists of several floors with decreasing dimensions on each floor, making it look unique. All those people who seek peace, yoga, and meditation visit the temple to attain the best combination of spirituality with mental stability. The photogenic scenes add towards capturing much better moments with family and friends at the temple. Himachal offers no dearth of beauty with inner peace, and this temple of goddess Durga provides another such promising spot in Himachal tourism.


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