Temples of Mandi: Tarna Devi Mandir

[email protected]Mandi in Himachal Pradesh is famous for being a compact place that is home to several temples, as well as natural beauty. The best combination of nature and spirituality can be experienced here. A count of 81 temples, and amazing places to trek and have photographs clicked is the top reason why people visit this Himalayan city. The place is a must visit, for all those who need some fun and a peaceful atmosphere for an ideal family holiday.

Tarna Mandir is among the smaller temples of the place and the temple is dedicated to
a goddess named Shyama Kali. The goddess is a lesser known and incarnated form of
goddess Parvati. Located at an altitude of 2,800 feet above the sea level, the temple is surrounded by dense forests, which provide many an opportunity for some spectacular view sight-seeing. Especially during winters, the snow covered mountains hold so much
beauty to offer here.

The construction was done back in 17th century for prayers of goddess Shyama Kali. The architecture consists of amazing pictures, paintings, and sculptures of goddesses and lords. People from faraway places visit the place to get blessed by the goddess, as people from around the region believe that whatever anyone wishes, gets fulfilled at the temple. The high altitude at which it is located, demand high efforts of climbing up 305 stairs to reach the temple over the hills. It is a mandatory experience to gain peace, and adventure with blessings.


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