Himachal Pradesh

15 injured, 8 serious as Punjab Roadways bus falls into gorge near Bilaspur, Himachal

The Hush Post: Fifteen people were injured, eight of them critical, when a Punjab Roadways bus fell into a gorge in Jamli near Bilaspur in Himachal Pradesh.

As per reports, the ill-fated bus was on its way from Kullu to Hoshiarpur. The accident occurred at about 1 pm.

According to Parvinder Singh, driver of the ill-fated bus said that a goat came in front of the bus while grazing grass and it required applying brakes suddenly. As a result, the bus fell into the gorge.


Injured passengers after being taken out of the ill-fated bus.

Some employees of the Public Works Department (PWD), who were working nearby, and some other people present in the area rushed to the bus and took out the injured passengers from the bus.


The ill-fated bus

However, the emergency Ambulance 108 came half an hour late after being informed. It was mainly the locals who rushed the injured persons to the hospitals. Only about 7-8 injured persons could be sent in the 108 emergency ambulance.

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