Earthquake tremors felt in north India, epicentre in Afghanistan

The Hush Post: A 6.2-magnitude earthquake struck the Hindukush region of Afghanistan on Wednesday afternoon. In India, tremors were felt in Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Haryana and Delhi-NCR. The tremor struck at 12.40 pm IST. People came out from their homes and offices. In Shimla, Mandi and other parts of Himachal they were felt more strongly. The epicentre of the quake was located 35 kilometres south of Jarm, Afghanistan, as per the USGS and 190 ks below the surface of the earth. The tremors were felt in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Eastern Uzbekistan and India.


  1. Northern India experienced mild tremors of quake on 31 January , 2018 with epicenter in Afghanistan. News reports indicate that people were promptly alert in coming out for safety even though tremors were mild. That suggests that much needed alertness among people in India seems to have grown. Relevant to this news , it may be apt to reiterate this Vedic astrology writer’s alerts for more care and appropriate strategy in article – “ Astrologically speaking , some highlights for India in coming year 2018” – published last year at on 19 October , 2017. The alert has indicated that July-August 2018 may call for more care and appropriate strategy against earthquake in northern India. Such like States as J&K , Himachal Pradesh , Haryana , Delhi and nearby have been identified for alert on 19 October , 2017.

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