Three from Kangra, one from Mandi ‘confirmed’ dead in 2014 Iraq massacre

Three from Kangra, one from Mandi 'confirmed' dead in 2014 Iraq massacre

The Hush Post: Four persons belonging to Himachal Pradesh have been declared dead in the Mosul massacre that took place in Iraq four years ago. Families are still to come to terms with the irreparable loss, atleast it put their false hope of seeing their loved ones alive, to rest. Here are the four Himachalis who lost their lives:

Sandeep from Dhameta

The only son of his parents, his 74 –year old father would have to fend for the family. He has sought a government job for Sandeep’s wife. Sandeep  has two sons aged 18 and 6. His DNA matched with one of the exhumed bodies. He worked in TNM company. The family was informed about the confirmed death by the SDM and other local leaders at his house on Tuesday.

Aman Kumar from Pasu in Kangra S/O Ramesh Chand

Aman last talked to his family on June 11, 2014.  The elder brother was informed on Monday morning on phone.

Inderjeet from Bhated village in Luunj

They were two brothers, he was unmarried.

Hemraj from Bayla village in Sunder Nagar

Went to Iraq on July 31, 2013. Worked as a cook in Iraq, survived by a son and daughter.He belongs to a poor family who had borrowed money from relatives and friends to send him to Iraq.

Deep penetration radars were used to establish that the mound that was excavated was indeed was a mass grave, External Affairs minister Sushma Swaraj said in Parlaiment on Tuesday. The Indian authorities had requested their Iraqi counterparts to exhume the bodies. DNA testing by Martyrs Foundation established the identity of 38 Indians while there has been 70 per cent matching of the DNA for the 39th person, said Swaraj.

39 Indians had gone missing in Iraq’s Mosul town when it was overrun by the Islamic State. Of the deceased, 27 hailed from Punjab, six from Bihar, four from Himachal Pradesh and two from West Bengal.

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