Shocker: 29 tourists put to room-arrest for 48 hrs at Himalayan Paradise hotel, Manali


The Hush Post: A shocker for the tourists visiting the hill state of Himachal Pradesh. A group of 29 tourists from Firozabad in Uttar Pradesh were detained for full 48 hours in a Manali hotel. They were put to a room-arrest in hotel Himalayan Paradise and were not allowed to move anywhere.

The 29 tourists were part of Swami Vivekanand Memorial Academy, mostly students and staff members.

The Premium Management Tours and Travels is the agency which is accused of detaining these tourists mostly students. The reason was, they wanted Rs 5,000 each over and above what they had already been paid. They had been already paid Rs 5,000 each for a stay of four nights and three days but the agency wanted Rs 5,000 more. When the tourists failed to pay, they were threatened and blackmailed and finally kept without food and water.

The tourists were not given anything to eat or drink. On top of that, they were told that if they made noise things could turn uglier.

The tourists were rescued by the police and have now been helped let off back home. The complaint has reached the police who will investigate the entire episode before they decide the future course of action.

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