Martyr Tilak Raj’s body reaches home; Watch HIS VIDEO ALBUM

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Tilak Raj’s mortal remains being brought to his hometown by minister Kishan Kapur, Nurpur MLA Rakesh Pathania and Jawali MLA Arjun Thakur .

Tilak Raj,Himachal Pradesh’s sole martyr in the Pulwama attack on Thursday, has immortalised himself. One by his supreme sacrifice and two, by the songs that he got recorded as a folk singer.
Tilak Raj’s body reached his home in Jawali on Saturday morning after it was brought to Nurpur the previous night. His body had been airlifted to Pathankot from Delhi.
Himachal minister Kishan Kapur, Nurur MLA Rakesh Pathania and Jawali MLA Arjun Thakur were present to receive the mortal remains.
Belonging to the gaddi community, he had built this modest house for his family. Earlier, he lived in shahpur dharkandi in Batuni village. He had recently shifted to this newly constructed house in Theva village in Jawali in Kangra district.

His newly constructed house.

He was fond of singing songs and whenever home would record songs. Perhaps, this would be his lifelong gift to his family when he would be missed. He did not know God had this nasty plan. Watch one of his folk song Neelam Gaddan by his name Tilak Shanu:

His famous pahari songs were Sidhu sharabi, meri pyari monika, Neelam gaddan. He was very fond of playing games like kabaddi, football, volleyball.

Tilak raj’s three-yr-old son in his grandfather’s lap.

His 15-day-old son oblivious of what he has lost in life lies on bed. His wife who had still not recuperated from her pregnancy illness, saw a mountain of sorrow fall upon her. He had just gone back after leave to join his battalion on February 11.

Tilak Raj’s grieving wife

He had told her on the phone the same morning that he would call her up after reaching his destination. He had asked his wife to take care of his son, who he said was very naughty.
He had come home for his wife’s delivery who delivered a baby boy just 15 days ago. He also has a three year old son.
Tilak Raj was born on May 2, 1988. In 2007, he had joined the paramilitary force CRPF. His father is a farmer and his elder brother does a private job.

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