Shimla houses to soon have grid-connected solar plants

State capital gets its first grid-connected solar plant in govt building

The Hush Post: Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Chief Minister Thakur has said that the Himachal government would encourage setting up of solar power plants in private houses and government establishments.

He recently inaugurated the first grid-connected solar power plant on the rooftop of the Department of Environment, Science and Technology in Shimla having a capacity of 35 KW. The power generated by the solar plant would be consumed by the building and remaining power would be sold to the Himachal Pradesh State Electricity Board.

Incurring an expenditure of Rs 20 lakh on the project with a sustainability of 25 years, the Science Department said that the facility would save Rs 2.6 lakh per annum.

Talking to ANI, Director of Department of Environment, Science and Technology, DC Rana said, “This plant has been installed at a cost of Rs 19.23 lakh and as per estimates, in next 25 years, it would help in saving about Rs 97 lakh. 112 solar panels of 1315 watt capacity per panel have been installed on the building of Environment, Science and Technology.”

“The plant will recover its installation and other expenditure within four to five years. Each one of us should adopt solar-based energy technologies,” the Chief Minister said.

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