A suspect in Gudiya gangrape-murder identified Neelu used to chop woods. Is he that ‘high profile’ man CBI has arrested or is there more than meets the eye?

Gudiya rape and murder.
Gudiya rape and murder case.

If more arrests are not made in days to come of some high profile men, it could be termed a second eyewash this time by the CBI 

The Hush Post: Finally one person has been identified in the Gudiya rape and murder case. The accused has been identified as Neelu, which seems to be his nickname and is a resident of Mandi. Neelu worked as a shepherd and did multiple menial jobs at Halaila. Immediately, after the rape and murder he went missing from the place. Today the CBI took him to three different locations at Halaila in Kotkhai by the CBI officials so as to verify the places which were related to the crime.

In the coming days, more arrests are likely to take place. No ‘crucial’ and high profile arrests have been made so far, while it was being anticipated right from the beginning that a big shot was involved in the crime.

The CBI has claimed that Neelu is one of the main suspects and has admitted to the crime, but the question remains that the six accused who had been arrested earlier too had admitted to the crime but were left out. Is the present arrest justified or were the earlier arrests correct?

The incident happened on July 4 2017, when Gudiya was gang-raped and murdered.

On July 6, her body was found in the nearby jungles of Halaila.

After a few days, a custodial death took place of a man called Suraj who was accused of Gudiya rape and murder. As a consequence, nine policemen were suspended and booked under various sections and subsequently jailed. They are still in prison.

As the deadline April 25 approaches near, is the CBI in a hurry to reach the main culprit as soon as possible, and is Neelu the answer or does his arrest raise many more questions?


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