Major fire near tunnel in densely-populated Sanjauli area of Shimla, no casualty

The Hush Post: A major fire was averted in a residential building in the Sanjauli area of Shimla town when a house caught fire due to short  circuit.

Nobody was in the house when the fire broke out as the owner lives in Mumbai. The house belong to the owners of the Mehta petrol filling station. Neighbours said that carpenters were working in the house a few days back. The fire started in the ground floor of the house. The fire could have turned into a big one had it not been contained by the Fire Department.

The fire could have turned into a bigger tragedy as the houses and buildings are closely knit in the entire area in Sanjauli. The haphazard construction in the area could be a major obstruction in the fire brigade reaching the destinations.

Because of the huge number of houses on both side of the roads spread across the the entire hill , the area is prone to natural calamities or  mishaps throughout the year especially in the rainy season and winter months.

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