Rape shocker: Girl raped in Shimla hotel on the pretext of a job offer

man shot dead in Phillaur

The Hush Post: In a shocking incident, a girl has alleged that she was raped in a hotel in Shimla. She was taken to a hotel on the pretext that she will be given employment by the suspect, who happens to be a contractor.

The girl and the accused both are from Haryana. They arrived at a private hotel. The girl did not know the intentions of the man she was accompanying. She thought she would be interviewed for a job. Instead, he asked for sexual favours and when she denied, he allegedly forced himself on her.

The following day the girl made a complaint to the police and a case was registered a little while back. In the statement to the police, she said that the contractor promised her employment if she slept with him. The suspect has been detained by the police and is being interrogated.

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