Tourists used mineral water for bathroom use, Shimla wore deserted look in years as Facebook post “don’t come to Shimla” went viral

“Please don’t come to Shimla”, the locals had pleaded to tourists

The Hush Post: Normally abuzz with tourists around this time of the year, Shimla is wearing a deserted look as tourists have stopped visiting the city. The narrow city roads which get choked due to the influx of tourists are witnessing normal traffic movement. Besides, tourists were seen in lesser numbers in the city even as most of them have packed their bags and returned back.

On the other hand, due to acute water crisis, the Municipal Corporation is distributing water under police protection. Over 70 police personnel have been deployed to deal with the crisis in the water deprived hill state.
A mineral water wholesale trader, Jasvir Singh said the demand for bottled water has increased by 50 to 60 per cent due to water scarcity in Shimla. The situation was so bad that tourists had to use mineral water in the bathrooms.
“Usually I supply 400 packs of water bottles but now the demand has increased to 700 plus for retailers,” he said.

The hoteliers saw drastic reduction in tourists as most headed back and the fresh lot isn’t coming after the facebook post:”Don’t come to Shimla.”

This comes in the backdrop of the acute water shortage probably the worst ever water crisis Shimla has ever seen.

Additionally, an appeal by the locals on social media also seems to have deterred the thousands of tourists who throng Shimla during summers.  “Please don’t come to Shimla”, the locals have pleaded tourists. “There is no water for us, please do not come here and select another destination”, the locals pleaded.

The Municipal Corporation managed to supply water to some parts of the city on Wednesday however, the supply still fell short of the required volume per day.

Meanwhile, the Himachal Pradesh High Court on Wednesday restricted the Shimla Municipal Corporation from distributing water through tankers. Also, the court directed the state government and the MC to stop water supply for the purpose of building construction and car washing.  It is to be noted that the High Court had take suo mottu cognisance of the water crisis in Shimla.

Earlier on Tuesday, the district administration had cancelled the annual International Shimla Summer Festival which was scheduled to start from June 1, keeping in mind the “humanitarian aspect”.

Tens of thousands of tourists visit Shimla during peak season and the water situation gets worsened.

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