Shocking! Spoons, knife, screwdrivers, toothbrushes recovered from the stomach of man in Mandi

Picture courtesy: News 18

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8 spoons, one knife, two toothbrushes, two screwdrivers and two door bolts- all these items were recovered from inside the stomach of a patient in Himachal Pradesh. The shocking incident has been reported from the Lal Bahadur Shastri Medical College in Nerchowk, Mandi.

Doctors at Nerchowk said 35-year-old Karan Sen is mentally unstable since the last 20 years. A resident of Ward no. 7 in Sundernagar, Karan had swallowed the items.

Ashish, Karan’s brother, said he used to contribute in daily household chores and suddenly one day he complained of pain in his stomach with a cyst-like bump on the abdomen.

Ashish and other relatives took Karan to a local clinic where Dr. Pradeep Sharma made an incision on the bump. Astonishingly, Dr. Sharma saw an iron piece inside the body and referred him to Nerchowk medical college.

Karan’s X-ray in the medical college revealed that he had several foreign items inside his stomach. A team of surgeons operated upon Karan for four hours and took the items out of his body.

Doctors at Nerchowk medical college say Karan is out of danger and is recovering fast.

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