Solan ex-Lukites ’91 batch share good times, paint the town red with green


dostreeThe Hush Post: When it comes to feeling 15 at over 40, you need to catch up with old school classmates, just as the glorious ’91 batch of St Luke’s School, Solan, made it happen. The ex-batchmates got together at the Surya Vilas Resorts on Kumarhatti road near Solan to make it a gala affair.

To add to the celebrations and spending time together was a bit of service to nature, where tree plantation was held. 

The group also has face bookpage ‘dostree’ derived from two words dost and tree.  “The motto of Dostree is to adapt the best qualities of a tree. Dostree would also like to work towards other social causes for the society,” said Dinesh Sekhri, the man behind Dostree.

What’s more was the participation of the families apart from the old friends. The children had fun at the swimming pool, theatre, sports activity, et al.

Radhika, an ex-student, had come from Australia to be a part of the fun. “ It’s always great to catch up with friends, especially the school friends. You don’t get times like this again.”

This was the third such reunion of the ex-students. “How many friends you make in your lifetime but school friends are always special. And most of them remain your true friends throughout your life,” said Vishal Gupta, the man behind the show.

“We are a  bunch of people who are as closely knit as a family. We share our joys and sorrows in whatever way we can,” says Anshul Sood, a Solan businessman.

“I have been outside India most of the time because of my profession. When I meet everybody here, it really rejuvenates the mind. I always used to look forward to our get-together,” said Sushant Moudgil, who was earlier serving in the Merchant Navy, now settled in Dharsmshala.

“It’s a nice get away from the humdrum of our daily lives,” said Anuradha Sharma who had come from Shimla. Dinesh Sekhri, another hand behind the get-together, summed it up very nicely, “The message conveyed through the get-together was unconditional love and unity among friends which will be relished by all of us for all times to come”.

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