Army paratrooper from Himachal killed as parachute fails to open during free fall jump in Agra

The Hush Post | 6:56 pm | One-minute read |

An Army paratrooper from Himachal Pradesh lost his life after a free fall jump from 6000 feet as his parachute failed to open. The accident took place at Malpura Para Dropping Zone in Agra.

Identified as Amit Kumar, the deceased paratrooper hailed from Kangra district.

Amit Kumar was taking part in a routine training exercise. He jumped off from an Army helicopter over 6,000 feet above the ground. However, his parachute failed to open. Amit Kumar was also unable to open the reserve (emergency) parachute.

The paratrooper fell on the ground and was immediately rushed to the military hospital. But he succumbed to his injuries there.

Amit’s father Shakti Singh and other family members have rushed to Agra upon hearing the news.

This is the third such incident within a span of 12 months when a jawan has lost his life due to parachute failure. On all the three occasions, the paratroopers also failed to open the reserve parachute.

In November 2018, Special Forces paratrooper Hardeep Singh (26) of Patiala lost his life after jumping from 9000 feet.


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