Hindu woman in Pakistan converts to Islam, court gives security cover

The Hush Post | 3:15 pm | One-minute read

A court in Pakistan ordered a security cover for a Hindu woman who converted to Islam last month. Payal Devi, who turned into Noor Fatima, lives in Thatta city of Sindh province of Pakistan.

According to the media reports, the area where Noor lives is known for kidnapping of Hindu girls and their religious conversions.

She converted to Islam on June 29 and willingly married to Kamran Ali. Her family is not happy with her marriage.

Noor Fatima said that her community members gave her life threats as they are against her decision. The Sindh High Court has ordered security cover for the couple and listed the matter for next hearing on August 06.

Notably, Pakistan is known for persecution of minorities, particularly of Hindus and Sikhs. Also, the marriage of a Hindu girl to a Muslim and subsequent seeking of security goes beyond comprehension given the fact that it is the Hindus girls who are threatened by the majority community to marry forcibly rather than vice-versa.


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