Hizbul collects donations to run terror outfits; huge cache of arms recovered, donation books too

Doda region
Doda region of Jammu where a huge cache of arms and ammunitions have been recovered.

The Hush Post: Terrorist organisations are now collecting donations heavily for the on-going terrorist movement in Jammu and Kashmir.

The army has busted a terror-hideout in Doda region of Jammu where donation books have been found. This also raises concern of the presence of the terror outfit in the hills of Jammu region. On Thursday a terror hideout was busted and arms and ammunition and two AK rifles, 289 rounds of ammunition were recovered.

After receiving intelligence inputs, the military and police launched search operations in the Majmi area of Dessa in the district. The party carried out searches during which they located a cave containing a huge cache of arms and ammunition.

One AK-56, one AK-47, five magazine of AK 47/56, two UBGL grenades, one under barrel grenade launcher (UBGL), 289 rounds of 7.62 mm ammunition of AK 47/56 and Hizbul Mujahideen’s donation books and papers were recovered.

This is probably for the first time such a big recovery has been made particularly of Hizbul donation books and other material which is aimed at raising funds in region of Jammu and to expand the operational area of terror outfit in the region.

The recovery has dealt a temporary blow to the nefarious designs aimed at reviving terrorism in the area. The Army will continue its operations to keep Doda district safe and free from terrorists as well as their ancilliary infrastructure.


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