Hoping to earn extra money by becoming a Gigolo, taxi driver loses Rs 7.60 lakh

The Hush Post | 8:22 pm | One-minute read |

Fraudsters duped a taxi driver in Faridabad, Haryana of Rs 7.60 lakh after they fooled him into joining a gigolo service. The police have registered a case in Mujesar police station and have launched a probe. The incident took place in August.

According to the police, the thugs made the victim talk to different women and youths and coughed up the money from him. If that wasn’t enough, the frauds asked him to deposit money as GST charges. Finally, when the victim got broke, he lodged a complaint with the police.

The victim revealed that he received a message from his friend who suggested joining gigolo services to earn an extra income. The friend also forwarded a number of a woman along with the message. When the victim called up the woman, she told him to join as a club member to become a gigolo. The woman told the victim that he would have to give massage to women as a part of service. The club will hand over the money received in lieu of services to the victim after deducting the commission, the woman said.

The victim first deposited Rs 2750 as the joining fee for the club membership. Then the thugs made him to deposit money in the name of privacy code, massage kit, resort fee etc. They also made him to deposit some money as GST fee however, the money never came back.  In total, the man was duped of Rs 7.60 lakh.

Police say that this is a work of an organized gang.


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