Hotel in Jaipur refuses room to interfaith couple | Read details inside

The Hush Post | 5:45 pm | Two-minute read

A Muslim man and a Hindu woman did not get a room in a hotel in Jaipur as they both hailed from different religions.

According to the reports by The Indian Express, on Saturday, a 31-year-old assistant professor based in Udaipur tried to check into one of the Oyo’s SilverKey hotels in Jaipur where he was denied to get a room with his female friend.

“I reached Jaipur on Saturday morning and my friend was supposed to reach later from Delhi. I had booked a room for two in the hotel through the travel app. I reached the hotel somewhere around 8-9 am. The receptionist then asked me about the other person who was to check in with me and I gave them my friend’s name,” reportedly said the assistant professor.

Further, he said, “To my shock, I was told that ‘this is a problem. Both of you are from different religions, we can’t check you in’.”

When he told the hotel staff that there was no such rule and the Indian constitution guarantees equality, the staff said that they were acting on the instructions of the local police. The man also asked the staff to give the reason of them being stopped in writing, but they refused to do so.

After that, the man reportedly raised the issue with the booking application which refunded his booking amount and also booked him a room in another hotel for free.

The woman also called the incident “shocking” and said, “The hotel may have accepted a Sikh and a Hindu but had an issue because it was a Muslim and a Hindu.”

The manager of the hotel, Govardhan Singh reportedly said, “We don’t allow couples of different religions (to stay together). It is the policy of the hotel as well as the instructions by the police. Such instructions have been given to us by our seniors and the police both in writing and orally.”

However, he did not show the written orders given by the police. Also, Jaipur Commissioner of Police had denied that the police had given any such orders. He reportedly said that the hotel was misusing the name of the police.


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