How Chapaak collections will determine whether country is with JNU protesters or against them

Deepika Padukone

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First JNU divided the country’s twitterati and now seemingly is dividing the audiences of Chapaak.

But wait till Friday and a little more, and you will know whether country, more so its twitterati is with JNU protesters or against them.

Chapaak collections could also be a barometer for the country’s politicians to ascertain where the country stands on the issue of JNU violence — with the Left or with the right.

And it all happened after Deepika Padukone gained the nation’s attention as the actress was seen attending a protest at Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU). She protested against the attack on JNU students on Sunday, 5 January.

Thousands of people came out on twitter in support of the actor. She is one of the few A-list celebrities seen at one of the protests. Deepika was on the receiving side from both ends of the spectrum.

Deepika garnered massive support but was also targeted

The actor has garnered massive support from activists, students and celebrities alike for supporting the movement. She was also targeted for supporting the ‘tukde tukde’ gang by people from the right-wing.

With trolls on the internet targeting Deepika for showing up at JNU, they also called for a boycott of her upcoming move, Chapaak, a movie that focuses on acid attack survivors in India. #BoycottChapak was one of the top trends on twitter in India, with close to 220,000 tweets by the hashtag.

A mob of masked goons had entered the JNU campus on Sunday, 5 December, and attacked students. The mob brutally thrashed students and even teachers and vandalised hostel rooms and damaged hostel property.

Protests against the attack have erupted all across the nation. It is mostly led by students and attended by activists, celebrities and others.


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