Jail term for IAS officer for getting man illegally arrested

The Hush Post: In an exemplary case, an IAS officer has been sentenced by the Hyderabad High Court for 30 days of imprisonment in a case of contempt of court.

The sentenced IAS officer is K. Siva Kumar Naidu, who is a former joint collector of Mahabubnagar district. The Hyderabad High Court sentenced the IAS officer on Friday, a report said.

The High Court, allowing the contempt case by A.B. Buchaiah, a retired government employee, found that the joint collector wilfully disobeyed the court order and sentenced the petitioner for the civil imprisonment despite knowing of the fact that the High Court had granted an interim order in favour of the petitioner, the report said.

The High Court judge also slapped a fine of Rs 2,000 on the joint collector and the state government to pay Rs 50, 000 as compensation to the petitioner and then recover the said amount from the officer. However, the High Court judge suspended the sentence for three weeks to allow the officer to make an appeal against the order.  The petitioner had approached the High Court, challenging an order passed by the joint collector staying the construction of a Kalyana Mandapam on his land, it was reported.

The High Court had stayed the order of the joint collector in August 2017. When the petitioner restarted the construction in September 2017 the joint collector ordered the circle inspector of Mahab-ubnagar to imprison the petitioner for two months and 29 days for violating his order. He apprised off the court that the officer, despite knowing that the High Court had stayed his order, deliberately passed the order for the imprisonment of the petitioner, the report said.

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