“I was hit in private parts,” by a Delhi Police cop| Over 10 women Jamia students also make same complaint

Jamia Milia Islamia

The Hush Post| 6:29 pm|one-minute-read|

About 10 women students of Jamia Milia University, who took part in an anti-CAA march towards Parliament, have been admitted to the Jamia Health Centre for injuries in their private parts.

The resident doctors at the health centre said that some of the injuries were so severe that the students had to be shifted to Al-Shifa hospital.

“More than 10 woman students have been hit on their private parts. We have found blunt injuries and some have been hit in a way that we had to shift them to Al Shifa because injuries are serious in nature,” the doctors said.

“Some students have also suffered internal injuries. Many students have been hit on chest with lathis,” they said.

A student, who was being treated at the health centre said that a woman cop removed her burqa. Then she hit her in private parts with a lathi. “I have been hit on my private parts by cops with boots. One of the woman cops took off my Burkha and hit me on my private parts with a lathi,” she said.

Men formed a human chain on either sides of roads as women walked ahead

The Al Shifa hospital authorities have informed that at least nine people – eight Jamia students and a local resident – have been admitted at the hospital after the protest. “One of the students have suffered severe injuries, we have shifted him to the ICU,” they said.

The situation between students and the cops is at a standstill. The security forces are not letting protesters move forward, and the people are not backing off.

The situation in Jamia became tense after scores of Jamia Milia students and residents of Jamia Nagar got into a scuffle with police after they were stopped from carrying an anti-CAA march towards Parliament.

The protest call was given by the Jamia Coordination Committee (JCC), an organisation of Jamia students and alumni.

Despite repeated appeals from the cops and the varsity authorities, the protesters refused to end the protest. Police said the protesters did not have permission to march towards Parliament.

Men formed a human chain on either sides of roads as women walked ahead. They waved the tricolour and raising slogans of “Halla Bol”.

Jamia Millia Islamia proctor Waseem Ahmed Khan appealed to the students to disperse and not meddle with the police. “The message has been sent. I request students in the crowd to go back to the university. Respect the law and peacefully go back,” he urged the students.



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